Pet Scheduling Overview


  • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple

Appointment-Plus offers the ability to schedule Customers and their Pets through Site Administration and the Customer View. The Pet profiles can be added when creating Customer Profiles and when scheduling appointments in Site Administration, as well as when Customers register through the Customer View and schedule their own appointments. Data for Pet profiles is also available for use with the Appointment-Plus API/Web Services system to make it possible to access the data with other applications and systems.

Contact us if you need the Pet scheduling functionality enabled for your account. If you are a Trial Client, Please can contact your assigned Coach. If you are an Existing Client, please contact our Support Department.


Pets cannot be scheduled for Events at this time.


Enabling the Pet Scheduling Functionality automatically requires Customers to login prior to making appointments. This means that Customer View Preference #3 will automatically be enabled, and then hidden within the Preferences section when the Pet Scheduling Functionality is enabled.

  • Scheduling Pets in Site Administration

Within the Make/View Appointment Detail Page that shows after selecting a Time Slot in Site Administration, Pets can be selected from the drop down list that includes the Customers name. It is also possible to create a new Pet Profile by typing in the Name, and optionally the Breed of the Pet, prior to finalizing an Appointment.



Due to the functionality for scheduling Children and Pets being so closely related, it is not currently possible to schedule children and pets at the same time.


If you need the ability to schedule multiple Pets for a single appointment, please ensure that the Multiple Appointments Per Time Slot version of the software is enabled for your account. An Appointment-Plus representative can assist you with enabling this version.

  • Adding Pet profiles in Customers Tab

After searching for a Customer and selecting their name within the Customers Tab of Site Administration, Pet profiles can be added by clicking on the “Add New Pet” link at the top left. The next page will let you type in all the details for the Pet you are adding.


  • Setting up Pet Types & Complexity Factor Types

Pet Types are added within the List Tab of Site Administration. Pet Types can then be selected when editing or creating new pets within the Customers Tab.



Complexity Factor Types are added within the List Tab in Site Administration. Each Complexity Factor Type will show as a check box within the “Special Handling” field of each pets profile.



  • Registering Pets through the Customer View

Customers will be able to add up to 5 Pets when registering through the Customer View. After clicking on the Submit button at the bottom of the Registration Page the customer will login automatically and start the scheduling process. An example of the Pet information form is included below.


  • Scheduling Pets through the Customer View

Pets added during the registration process can now be selected from the drop down list when scheduling appointments on the Customer View. Additional Pets can be added by clicking on the Pet Add/Edit link within the Customer View Navigation Bar.


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