Dashboard Overview


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The dashboard is a snapshot display of your appointments, sales, and other useful tools.  Setup your dashboard by selecting from a list of widgets you would like displayed.  You can further customize your experience by dragging each widget into the desired location of your dashboard.  Each widget location will be saved to your login profile and appear in the same location each time you log in.

By using the dashboard, you will save valuable time by having customizable statistics and data at your fingertips in one location. You can quickly modify any widget display by filter options to include/exclude staff members, locations, or services. With the widgets available to you, view different sets of statistics on one page that would normally take multiple sets of reports to run. The dashboard is also the only place you can see your data in up-to-date graphs.

Figure 1 - Example Dashboard Display


The Dashboard is only available to Headquarter Administrators users, and displayed in the headquarters location within your account.

Accessing the Dashboard

To access the Dashboard, click the "Dashboard" ink within the header of your Appointment-Plus account.  Figure 2 below shows an example of the Dashboard link.

Figure 2 - Link

Add/Remove Widgets

To customzie your Dashboard by adding/removing widgets, click on the "Add/Rmove Widget" button at the top of your Dashboard. An example is shown in Figure 3 below.

Dashboard- Add/Remove
Figure 3 - Add/Remove Widgets

Review the list of widgets you would like to add/remove. Select the "Add Widget" or "Remove Widget" button next to the widget you would like to add/remove. After making a selection, you will be directed to the Dashboard to view your changes. An example is displayed in Figure 4.

Dashboard - Add/Remove
Figure 4 - Add Widget

Working with Widgets

Once you have activated your widgets, there are a few ways you can work with them from the Dashboard.  From the Dashboard, you can do the following to the widgets:

  • Minimize
    If you need to temporarily minimize any widget, you can do so by clicking the "-" sign in the header of any widget.  An example on how to minimize the widget is shown below.
    Widget - Minimize

  • Maximize
    If your widget is minimized and you need to maxmimize it, click the "+" sign located in the header of the widget. An example on how to maximize the widget is shown below.
    Widget - Maximize

  • Remove
    From the Dashboard, you have the ability to quickly remove a widget without using the "Add/Remove Widgets".  To do so, click the "x" in the right corner of the widget header. An example is shown below.
    Widget - Remove

  • Move
    The Dashboard is customizable for you to drag-and-drop each widget into an open slot. This allows you to position your widgets in specific locations within the Dashboard page.  Any changes will be saved to your login profile and the Dashboard will be displayed exactly the same the next time you return.  To drag-and-drop your widgets, left-click and hold in the header of the widget, then drag the widget into an open slot.  Once you are near an open slot, a yellow highlighted area will appear to indicate you can release your mouse button and the widget will pop into place.  An example is shown below.
    Dashboard - Drag

  • Filter Results
    Some of the widgets allow you to filter what is displayed in the widget.  Examples of these types of widgets are the "Number of Appointments By Service" and "Number of Appointments By Staff Member".  These widgets will allow you to select which locations, services, or staff members to include in the widget graph.

    To get started filtering your widget, click the Widget - Funnel (funnel) icon in the upper right corner of the widget. After clicking the funnel icon, you will see selection options similar to the ones shown below.
    Widget - Filter Options

    From the above screen, click on one of the available selection options.  Once you select one of the filtering options, you will be able to select/deselect services, staff members, or locations, depending on the widget filtering options available.  An example of the location filtering options are shown below.
    Widget - Location Filter

    Once you have made the necessary filter changes, click the "GO" button to refresh the widget graph.
    Dashboard - Go!

Set as Default Login Page

When viewing the Dashboard, you have the ability to set the Dashboard as your default login page. When set as the default, each time you log into your Appointment-Plus account, you will be directed to the Dashboard page. From the Dashboard, you will be able to access all areas of your account and then return to the Dashboard.

To set the Dashboard as your default, check the box next to the "Set Dashboard as Default Login Page" text in the top right corner of the Dashboard. An example is shown in Figure X below. Once you check/uncheck the default setting, a "saved..." text will temporarily appear as confirmation.

Dashboard - Default
Figure - Default

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Visitor Comments

  1. Comment #17 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Jerry The initial release of the Dashboard only made it available in the main account location to avoid any possible service interruptions. We are planning to update the Dashboard to increase the usability and make it available to all locations, but we do not have a specific date to share at this time.
  2. Comment #16 (Posted by Jerry Grabow)
    Why can't the dashboard be viewed by all 3 of our locations instead of just the main location? The information on it is needed by all of our locations.
  3. Comment #15 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Lance There are several reasons why you might not see any results within the Widgets. I recommend submitting a support ticket with extra details about what Widgets you are using and how you are using them. You can submit tickets within the Help Tab at the top of your account.
  4. Comment #14 (Posted by Lance)
    The widgets are not working properly. When I filter, I do not get any results. It tells me there is no data to display. Why?
  5. Comment #13 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Tammy Our initial release of the Dashboard is restricted to Headquarters Administrator users to avoid the possibility of service interruption. We do plan on making the Dashboard available to all users in the near future and will make sure you are notified of the changes.
  6. Comment #12 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Anna We have designed to Dashboard to be an easy to use page with fewer options than a true appointment report, however, we do have plans update and add extra functionality to the Dashboard on a regular basis.
  7. Comment #11 (Posted by Tammy Barta)
    This would be helpful if all could see the information. Why are only the Headquarter Administrators able to view the widgets?
  8. Comment #10 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Rose The Widgets you are referring to are designed to quickly show you the appointment totals based on the fields you have selected within the Filter section. You can customize the fields you want to graph based on by clicking the small Filter Icon at the top right corner of the Widgets.
  9. Comment #9 (Posted by Anna Acs /The Berkeley Sauna)
    Thank you. One thing -> why just "Today", "This Week", "This Month" only?
  10. Comment #8 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Brendan-It is not currently possible to re-size the widgets in the Dashboard, but I will make sure your suggestion is added to our list of modification requests.
  11. Comment #7 (Posted by Rose Garcia)
    Your graph "Appointment by Services" simply tells you the number of appointments for that day. The same applies to "Appointment by Practitioners". Where's the breakdown per service or per practitioner? What's the purpose of these graphs?
  12. Comment #6 (Posted by Brendan Pratt)
    Will it be possible to re-size the widgets? I would like to have a double width one for the current day's appointments with two smaller ones below.
  13. Comment #5 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Taylor The Dashboard is currently live for all accounts. You will see a Dashboard link at the top of your account now when you login as an administrator.
  14. Comment #4 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Bob - Thanks for the suggestion, I will pass this enhancement request to our programming department.
  15. Comment #3 (Posted by Bob Lucas)
    We are trying out the Gift Certificate feature. If not already planned, it would be good to have a Gift Certificate widget on the new dashboard:)
  16. Comment #2 (Posted by Taylor)
    Our main page there's a note in a small yellow box, which says that this update will be available July 10/11. It's July 12, and we don't have access yet. Any news on when the roll-out will happen?
  17. Comment #1 (Posted by Bob)
    One of the best improvements I've seen in the two years we've been using the product. The only thing I would add is the ability to "lock" the filters in place so that you don't have to keep filtering everytime you go to the page.

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