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WordPress is software you can use to create your own website or blog.  When signing up for WordPress, you have two options: 1) WordPress.org and 2) WordPress.com.  The software is the same, but the difference lies within how you host the software.  Here's the difference:
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    With WordPress.com, you can sign up for an account and have it hosted by WordPress. Your website/blog would have a URL similar to: http://[your name].wordpress.com.  To include your Appointment-Plus "Book Now" button, you would add a widget to your WordPress account.
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    With WordPress.com, you can signup for an account and choose your own server hosting.  From WordPress.org, you can select from recommended hosting services, or host it on your own server.  If you hosted it on your own server, you would have a URL similar to: https://[your name].[your domain].com.  To include your Appointment-Plus "Book Now" button, you would add a plug-in to your WordPress account. 

Add a WordPress.com "Book Now" Link

The following steps will guide you through the process in adding a "Book Now" link.
  1. From the header of your Appointment-Plus account, hover over the Customer View drop down and select "Book Now Buttons". This is displayed in Figure 1.

    Figure 1 - Book Now Button Link


  2. Select the "Text Link" option as displayed in Figure 2.

    copy the text link
    Figure 2 - Text Link/Copy to Clipboard



    With the WordPress.com accounts, you will need to use the "Text Link" option to use the copy & paste functionality. If you select any of the "Book Now" buttons, the copy & paste sequence will not work because of the scripting language.


  3. Click the "Copy to Clipboard" link in Step 2 of the "Book Now" buttons page. This is shown in Figure 2 above.

  4. From the Dashboard of your WordPress account, select Appearence from the left side navigation, and then select Widgets.

    WordPress - Widgets Link
    Figure 3 - Widgets Link


  5. Find the Text widget, and then click and drag it over to the desired area under the "Primary Widget Area" on the right.


  6. Once you have added the text widget, click the arrow drop down of the widget. A text form will appear for you to enter a "Title" and an area to paste in your "Book Now" link. Enter your text link code as displayed in Figure 4 and click "Save".

    WordPress - Text Widget
    Figure 4 - Text Widget


  7. Your "Book Now" text link is complete and you can now view it from your WordPress site/blog.

    WordPress - Schedule Link
    Figure 5 - WordPress Book Now Link


Add a WordPress.org "Book Now" Button

  1. From the header of your Appointment-Plus account, hover over the Customer View drop down and select "Book Now Buttons". This is displayed in Figure 6

    Figure 6 - Book Now Button Link
  2. Select one of the "Book Now" buttons as shown in Figure 7 below.

    copy the book now button code
    Figure 7 - Book Now Buttons


  3. Click the "Copy to Clipboard" link displayed in Figure 7 above.

  4. From your WordPress.org Dashboard, click on the "Plug-Ins" icon from the left navigation window.WordPress - Plug-In

  5. Search for the plug-in with the keyword "Appointment-Plus". Once you find it, click "Install" and follow any prompts.

    Plug-In - Install
    Figure 8 - Plug-In Search


  6. Click the "Plug-Ins" icon again, and click the "Activate" link under the Appointment-Plus plug-in. The activation link is displayed in Figure 9 below.

    Plug-In - Activate
    Figure 9 - Activate


  7. Click on Appearance and then select "Widgets".

    WordPress - Widgets Link
    Figure 10 - Widgets


  8. Click and drag the Appointment-Plus widget into the desired location within the "Primary Widget Area". The "Primary Widget Area" is shown in Figure 11.

    WordPress- Drag Widget
    Figure 11 - Primary Widget Area


  9. Click the drop down arrow of Appointment-Plus widget to open the text form.

    WordPress - Book Now Code
    Figure 12 - Text Form


  10. In the text form, the "Title" will be added for you. Paste your "Book Now" button code into the body of the form and then click "Save". An example is shown in Figure 12 above.

  11. You can now view your "Book Now" button on your WordPress website/blog. An example "Book Now" button is shown in Figure 13.

    WordPress - Book Now!
    Figure 13 - Book Now Button


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