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The service list of Appointment-Plus clients can range from 1 to a few hundred services. When clients reach a high number of services, it can cause the "Add New Staff Member" and "Add New Room" forms to become increasingly long due to the service list. Because of this, when your account has more than 50 services, the service list will not be displayed in the two forms. The services can be linked to the staff member/room profiles from the "Services Offered" page within each profile. 

Along with this, we have added paging to the "Services Offered" page. Paging adds a page number feature to the services and will display 25 services per page.

1-50 Services

If you have 1-50 services, the service list will be displayed in the "Add New Staff Member" and "Add New Room" form. It will be listed between the profile schedule and days off. Figure 1 represents how your services will be displayed.

Pagination - Less Than 50 Services
Figure 1 - 1-50 Services

51 or More Services

Once you have 51 or more services in your account, the services will not be displayed on the "Add New Staff Member" and "Add New Room" form. A message will be displayed between the schedule and days off sections stating that you will need to make your updates in the "Services Offered" section within the profile. An example message is displayed in Figure 2.

Form - Message
Figure 2 - Service Message

After adding the staff member/room profile, clicking on the "Services Offered" link will show a change in how the services are offered. It will now list only 25 services per page.  Although only 25 services are shown per page, you do have the ability to select/unselect all of your services with the "Assign All Services" and "Unselect All Services" buttons. To select only the services shown on the current page, selec tthe "Select All" and "Deselect All" links above the current service list. These types of selectors are shown in Figure 3.

Pagination - Selectors
Figure 3 - Paging - Header

At the bottom of each service page, you will be able to save and continue to the next/previous page, or select a specific page. If you select a specific page from the drop down, it will automatically save your changes on the current service page and then direct you to the page selected. You also have options to save your current page settings and move to the previous or next service page with the buttons listed. All of these options are displayed in Figure 4.

Pagination - Footer
Figure 4 - Footer

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