Location Search Overview


  • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple

The location search feature is displayed and available to accounts that have 25 or more locations. Once an account reaches 25 locations, a "Location Search" will be displayed within the Lists tab and the Appointment Search feature.

Lists Tab

If you access your Lists tab and you have 25 or more locations, you will be presented with a search bar and a message of the total number of locations you have. This is shown in Figure 1 below.
Location Search - Lists Tab
Figure 1 - Lists Tab

From here, start typing within the search box or select the Advanced Search icon to get an expanded search. By default, the search will look through all available fields to see if the search string text is contained within one of your locations. If you select the Advanced Search icon, you will have the ability to pick the field it is searching or selec the type of search (starts with, ends with, exactly, etc). The advanced search is displayed in Figure 2.

Location Search - Advanced
Figure 2 - Advanced Search

Once you start typing into the text search box, the available matches will automatically be displayed. Keep typing to refine your search, or select from the list available to be directed to that location. You can also click "enter" or click the "Search" button to display all of the locations that match your search. Figure 3 shows you the automatic results you can select from while typing your search text, and Figure 4 shows you the results by hitting "enter" or usuing the "Search" button.

Location Search - Auto Results
Figure 3 - Automatic Results

Location Search - Results
Figure 4 - Location Results

Appointment Search


The appointment search feature is not available if you are using the "rooms" feature, if you have enabled appointment preference #29 to allow overlapping appointments, or if you are using the Multiple Appointments version of Appointment-Plus.

The location search within the appointment search page is similar to the Lists tab. You have the ability to do a regular search, or click the Advanced Search icon to do an advanced search. The only difference is the "enter" key is disabled and the "Search" button has been removed. This is due to only 1 location can be selected for the appointment search. An example search is shown in Figure 5.

Location Search - Appointment Search
Figure 5 - Appointment Search

Once you've selected the location listed in the automatic results drop down, the page will refresh with the location selected and the remaining appointment search fields. This is shown in Figure 6.Location Search - Appointment Search Fields

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