Can I assign customers to staff members?


  • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple

Each Customer profile in Appointment-Plus can be assigned to a Staff Member profile by using the Assigned To field. To access the Customer's profile, click on the Customers tab, search for a Customer, then click on the Customer's name. By selecting a Staff Member from the Assigned To drop down list, you are assigning the Customer to a Staff Member. Assigning a Customer to a Staff Member alone has little significance other than allowing a Site Administration user to look at the Customer's information and, and confirm what Staff Member they are assigned to.

However, this assignment takes on more significance when combined with one or both of the following preferences:

  • Staff Members Preference #1 - Allow Staff Members to see customers assigned to other Staff Members

CLICK: Settings Tab > Staff Members > Preference #1

Setting this preference to "No" means any Staff Member with an access type of "Location User" will only be able to access Customers assigned to them. Users with other access types, such as "Location Administrator" & "Headquarters Administrator", will still be able to access all Customers.

  • Staff Members Preference #2 - Allow Staff Members to see unassigned Customers

CLICK: Settings Tab > Staff Members > Preference #2

Setting this preference to "No" will prevent Staff Members with an access type of "Location User" from accessing Customers that have not yet been assigned to a Staff Member.

  • Customer View Preference #11 - Only allow Customers to schedule with the Staff Member to whom they are assigned

CLICK: Settings Tab > Customer View > Preference #11

If this is set to "yes", it means that when a Customer logs into the Customer View, they will only be able to view and schedule for the Staff Member they have been assigned to.

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Visitor Comments

  1. Comment #2 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Jo – Using that preference will keep the customers from scheduling with the wrong company, however, you will need customers to login prior to scheduling for this to work properly. Another option is to use a custom customer view url for each company to hide the drop down option and automatically select the company without requiring customers to login. If you are interested in having this option enabled, please contact your assigned sales coach.
  2. Comment #1 (Posted by Jo )
    I only do chair massage for corporations at their office. I'm replacing "staff" with "company". Can I use “Only allow customers to make appointments with the staff member to whom they are assigned” so that a customer can only see the company that they are scheduling with whenever they make an appointment?

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