How do I add a customer?


  • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple


1. Select the Customers Tab at the top of the Navigation Bar.


2. Select the “Add New Customer” link at the top left of the page.

3. Complete the list of fields displayed within the Customer Information Page.



Click Here for more information about how you can control what and how the fields display in the Customer Information Page

There are a couple other ways that customers can be created in the system:
  1. You can create a customer while you are making appointments for them. When you select an open time slot from the appointment grid in the Appointments section of Site Administration, the Make Appointment box displays. You have the option of either selecting an existing customer or, if they are a new customer, typing in their name and contact information. After you select the other fields required for making the appointment and click on the Finalize appointment button, the system will add that customer to the database.
  2. Customers can register themselves on the customer view part of the system. When a new customer registers on the Customer View, they are added to the system.
  3. You may have your customers uploaded. If you have a customer list either in Excel or in a text file format, you may e-mail that file to us and we’ll upload it for you. This is a fee-based service. Please contact us for pricing information.

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Visitor Comments

  1. Comment #6 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Eric – Thanks for the feedback, I have made several corrections to the article.
  2. Comment #5 (Posted by Eric Shaffer)
    Sentence 1: Complete the list of fields displayed. If you're not making an appointment, how do you access the list of fields. This info should precede sentence 1.
  3. Comment #4 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Samuel – By default, customers will be able to register and create their own login information, however, you would need to create the login information for your customers if you have disabled the ability for customers to register and create their own login information, or removed the login information from the registration form. Please note, it is also possible to allow customers to login using an account number, confirmation number, or email address.
  4. Comment #3 (Posted by Samuel Drake)
    If we require customers to log in when scheduling an appointment, do we need to assign each customer a login ID and password.?
  5. Comment #2 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Norine – At the moment it is not possible to mass delete customer records in your account. The best option is to run a report to find the customers that haven’t scheduled recently, and then search and delete those records within your account.
  6. Comment #1 (Posted by Norine Burnom)
    Adding customers is great. Need to know how to delete more than one customer at once. Customers that have not used services ever or in 6-9 months.

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