How do I create coupons?


  • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple

To offer coupons to your customers while taking payments, you will need to take 4 steps:
  1. Enable the Poinst of Sale (POS) Module
  2. Enable the coupon code preference
  3. Enter coupons
  4. Contact your customers
Enable POS
CLICK: The Marketplace > Accounting > Point of Sale > Enable
Enable the Coupon Code Preference
CLICK: Settings Tab > Customer View > Set Preference #14 to "Yes" and Update
Enter Coupons
CLICK: POS Tab > Coupons > Add New Coupon
While completing the coupon form, please be aware that the Code will be what your customers will need to enter while making the appointment on the customer view.
Contact your Customers
Now that you have the coupons set up, you can use our mass emailing function or another form of customer contact like iContact and send them the coupon code in a message.   An example would be: "Schedule an appointment by 3/31/2011 and receive a 10% discount with coupon code MAR2011."


All mass emails sent through the Appointment-Plus system must comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. Appointment-Plus reserves the right to disable service for users that have been reported to violate the standards for the sending of commercial e-mail.

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