How do I get my logo uploaded to the customer view?


  • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple

To upload your logo for the Customer View, do the following:

  1. Click the "Layout" Tab.
  2. In the "Customer View Logo" section, click the "Browse_" button.


    Allowable formats are .jpg and .gif. If you attempt to upload more than 4 images, the system will disable the ability to upload for security reasons. Please contact our Technical Support department to have the number of upload attempts reset.
  3. Navigate to the logo file on your computer.


    You will see recommendations within the Layout section that suggests 300 x 200 pixels. Logos come in different sizes whether horizontally or vertically centered. The 300 x 200 pixel is just a recommendation. Depending on your logo, it can go wider or taller. Be cautious of having a logo too tall due to causing your clients to have to scroll down.
  4. Select "Logo" for the "Use logo or text?" label.
  5. Select the "Update" button at the bottom of the page.

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Visitor Comments

  1. Comment #10 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Michelle – We do not charge extra for the ability to add a logo to the Customer View, but we do offer to customize the Customer View with a logo and colors for a one-time fee. For security reasons we restrict the number of image uploads allowed within the Layout section. Please check the Layout section of your account again to confirm the feature has been restored.
  2. Comment #9 (Posted by Michelle)
    Tried to change logo on customer view by following the KB instructions but it appears you now are charging for this service. Surely not? Please advise.
  3. Comment #8 (Posted by Mike - KB Staff)
    Kristin - I wasn't able to locate your account to look at it. Please submit a support ticket explaining the issue and someone from our support staff will be able to look into the issue to correct it.
  4. Comment #7 (Posted by Kristin Burton)
    I cannot do ANYTHING on the Patient View Layout page. This is very very frustrating I have tried changing colors, uploading our logo and when I click UPDATE...nothing happens. THis happened from the very beginning. I had not tried the upload 4 times... so I don't know what's going on! Please help. I want to add the online appointment booking feature to my website but it just wont work!
  5. Comment #6 (Posted by Mike - KB Staff)
    Nancy - I've corrected the logo link on your account.
  6. Comment #5 (Posted by Nancy Massé)
    I have multiple locations, but the logo only shows up at the first (head quarters), the others just have the box with an X as if the logo can't be loaded. Thoughts?
  7. Comment #4 (Posted by Mike - KB Staff)
    Phil - I've corrected the image problem. I've added an HTML "img" tag to your first line text within your Layout tab.
  8. Comment #3 (Posted by Phil)
    I have multiple locations, but the logo only shows up at the first (head quarters), the others just have the box with an X as if the logo can't be loaded. Thoughts?
  9. Comment #2 (Posted by Mike - KB Staff)
    Barbara - I have updated the "Warning" text. I hope that is more clear. If you need to get the logo count reset, you can request that within our support ticketing system.
  10. Comment #1 (Posted by Barbara)
    The instructions for sizing our logo to upload is inconsistent. At the point of browing for our logo to upload it says 300 x 200 pixels. This uploaded too small. In this document after the Help search it states no more than 800 x 200 pixels. I am only allowed 4 attempts to get this logo in place according to your notice, so I have only one more chance to get this right. Your information is not helpful enough to allow me to place our logo in without a cost.

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