How do I send a mass e-mail to all my customers?


  • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple

CLICK: Reports Tab > Customer Report > Set "Format Options" to "E-mail" > Run Report
A new window will open with the number of clients the e-mail will be sent to (as long as they have a valid email address).

Mailing List Resources


The customer database in your Appointment-Plus account should not be treated as a general mailing list.


All mass emails sent through the Appointment-Plus system must comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. Appointment-Plus reserves the right to disable service for users that have been reported to violate the standards for the sending of commercial e-mail.

We recommend customizing the data requested in the customer records to help you generate a mailing list for each mass email.

For Example: Use the Contact Okay, Call Okay, E-mail Okay, and Mail Okay fields to track the preferences of your customers.


Use the Customer Fields/Terms section of your account to make the fields you’re tracking: Required, or Optional when customers register, or when staff register customers. You can also use this section to change the Display Name of the fields.

For Example: change the “Email Okay” field to “Email Marketing Okay?”

CLICK: Settings tab > Customer Fields/Terms

Prior to running the Customer Report and sending a mass email, filter out the customers that do not want to receive emails by selecting the “Yes” option for “Email Okay” field, shown at the top of the report. This will let the system know to only send the email to customers that have opted in to receive emails.


Mass Email Test

Before sending a mass email to your customer list, it's strongly recommended that you do a single test e-mail first. To send a test e-mail to yourself:

  1. Go to the customer section and create a test customer profile.
  2. In the field for city, add the letter X or another unique identifier. The purpose of the test e-mail is to send the e-mail to one person and not all of your customers. Therefore, you need to include something in the test profile that is unique from the other customer profiles. This is accomplished by adding the letter X after the city name in your test profile.
  3. Once you have added the test profile, go to the customer report and select the unique city you just set up in the test customer profile.
  4. At the bottom of page where it says "Format Option", select e-mail.
  5. Run Report.
  6. On the next page, notice the text at the top that says, "E-mail will be sent to 1 clients". Make sure the number is 1 and add the e-mail contact and submit the form.
  7. Review the e-mail to make sure the text and formatting is correct.  If so, repeat the process and send to your customer base.

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