What is Maintenance Mode?


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Maintenance Mode is a billing option that lets you save your account settings and data during months the software is not being utilized. This includes all account preferences, settings, customer records, past and future appointments. Should you choose to cancel your account and wish to reactivate it, we cannot guarantee your settings and data will be saved as this information is purged regularly from our servers.

Maintenance Mode is also a great way for seasonal organizations to avoid paying the regular bill amount during the off season. While your account status is set to Maintenance Mode, access to Site Administration will be temporarily disabled for all users and you will only be charged $5.00 per month.

Why Use Maintenance Mode?

  • $5.00 /month - Avoid regular monthly subscription fees when not using your account.
  • Account Preservation – Save your entire setup including system settings and data.
  • Restricted Access – Temporarily disable access to Site Administration for all users.


Maintenance Mode will temporarily disable access to Site Administration for all users. Please use the Reports section to retrieve any necessary data prior to submitting your Maintenance Mode request.

How to request Maintenance Mode:

  1. Submit a support ticket and indicate Billing/Account Status for the category.
  2. You will receive an email confirmation when your request has been processed.
  3. When you are ready to come back, we will be available to help you in any way possible.


Please contact our billing department via the number on our website when you are ready to have your account reactivated.

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Visitor Comments

  1. Comment #7 (Posted by Molly)
    Please change our account to Maintenance Mode.
  2. Comment #6 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Wendy If you have not done so already, please submit a support ticket within your account for this maintenance mode request, and indicate Billing/Account Status for the category.
  3. Comment #5 (Posted by Wendy Cramp)
    I would like to put my account onto Maintenance Mode. I would like to happen immediately for a 3 month period - to 31 March 2013 or the billing period closest to this date. Regards Wendy Cramp
  4. Comment #4 (Posted by Mike - KB Staff)
    Melanie - While an account is in Maintenance Mode, you will not be able to access it. You can access it once it's activated again.
  5. Comment #3 (Posted by Melanie)
    If our account is in Maintenance Mode, are we still able to access that information, or would it only be once we reactivated our account to normal working mode would we then be able to access all of that information again??
  6. Comment #2 (Posted by Mike - KB Staff)
    Pat - Only accounts that are closed are subject to being purged. With an active account, your historical information is never purged.
  7. Comment #1 (Posted by Pat)
    If servers are purged, how are our past records stored for financial purposes? Do we need to print a backup copy?

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