Customer Payments Overview


  • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple

The system has two types of credit card payment options:
  1. Processing credit card payments. This can be done from both the customer view (customer self-scheduling) and the Site Administration POS section (your staff member processing a customer credit card).
  2. Capturing customer credit card information for later processing (i.e. prompting for a credit card number to allow for no-show fees). Credit Card Capture is currently available when scheduling through the Customer View, as well as Site Administration of Appointment-Plus.
System Security
The system allows you to use both of these options in a secure and PCI-compliant environment. This is accomplished by allowing a direct portal between the system and the applicable merchant gateway banking institution. Whenever credit card entry is required, the system provides a secure page hosted by the selected merchant gateway banking institution. In addition, if you use the credit card capture for later use option, the merchant gateway banking institution converts the credit card number into a unique payment "token" for storage in your system. The "token" can later be used to process payments in the POS section of the system but cannot be used outside the system. Therefore, credit card numbers are not stored in your account, eliminating security risks.

Requirements for Credit Card Processing or Capture
To process credit card payments or to capture credit card information for later use, you must first obtain: (1) an online merchant account and (2) a credit card merchant processor account (known as a gateway) to be able to process credit card payments in any area of the system. We strongly recommend that you allow Merchant Warehouse, our recommended credit card processing provider, to assist you with setting up the merchant account and gateway services required for credit card processing/capture - we have used our bulk negotiating power to negotiate the lowest fees and rates that you will find.


Please also note that if you need to utilize the capture credit card for later use option, Merchant Ware or Caledon is required - no other gateways offer the technical requirements needed for the credit card capture functionality.
You can fill out an inquiry form, submit a support ticket, or call us and we will have a Merchant Warehouse representative contact you and guide you through the simple process.

Processing Credit Card Payments
The system allows for processing payments from customers in the following areas:
  • When the customer makes appointments from the customer view.
  • When the customer purchases a package from the customer view.
  • When the customer buys a gift certificate from the customer view.
  • When a POS payment transaction is processed in Site Administration.
Enabling the system to process payments in these areas is done in the Customer Payments section of Preferences.
CLICK: Settings Tab > Customer Payments
Appointment Payment Options
The system provides additional flexibility when prompting customers for payment on the Customer View. These options are found in the Customer Payments section of Preferences.
  1. Customers can be given the option to pay when they are making the appointment or at the time the service is rendered.
  2. If you are using the "prompt but don't process" method, normally if a customer already has a credit card number on file, it won't prompt them to enter their credit card information. You can set it so that it always prompts for credit card information, even if the customer already has one on file.
  3. If you are using events, you can have the system prompt only for services or only prompt for events (or prompt for both).
If a customer needs a credit card refund, you must utilize your gateway account terminal. For example, if your gateway is Merchant Ware, you would log into your Merchant Ware gateway terminal account and process the refund through Merchant Ware.

Credit Card Gateway Processors
The gateway processors that currently work with the system are:
  • Merchant Ware - allows you to use credit card capture for later use (requires Merchant Warehouse merchant account)
  • Caledon (Canada and U.S.) - allows you to use credit card capture for later use
  • eSelect (Canada only)
  • eWay (Australia, New Zealand)
  • PayPal
Prompt but Don't Process (Credit Card Capture)
To use the capture credit card for later use feature, you must utilize the "Prompt but Don't Process" setting on the Customer Payments preferences page. This is only available if you have Merchant Ware gateway or Caledon credentials set up in the POS section of the Customer Payments preferences page.

For example, if you want to prompt and capture a customer's credit card number when a customer self schedules, you will need to do the following:
  • In the Appointments section of the Customer Payments page select Prompt but Don't Process.
  • In the POS section of the Customer Payments page select Merchant Ware and enter you Merchant Ware credentials. Please contact our support team if you do not have credentials.
When a customer enters a credit card number during the scheduling process, the credit card number will be converted to a secure payment token that you can later use to process payments through the POS system. You must enable POS to use these options.

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Visitor Comments

  1. Comment #9 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Chris - You can add extra payment types through the Lists section of your account. Click: Lists tab > Payment Types
  2. Comment #8 (Posted by Chris)
    How do I process multiple payment types such as a groupon and Cash or credit??
  3. Comment #7 (Posted by nakens senat)
    i need to pay
  4. Comment #6 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    The remaining amount to be charged for the package would need to be processed through the POS plug-in, or the portal of your merchant account provider.
  5. Comment #5 (Posted by Robin )
    How do you apply a payment to a package when they have made a down payment already?
  6. Comment #4 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Jen The refund would need to be issued through the gateway provider you used to process the payment. It is not currently possible to issue refunds through the POS plug-in.
  7. Comment #3 (Posted by Jen)
    I have a customer who paid for a package last week. He would like a partial refund. What is the best way to issue this in the POS system? We process credit cards separately - not through the POS. Thanks.
  8. Comment #2 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Claire If you are using the optional POS plug-in, you can apply a discount by adding a Coupon when creating processing the transaction. You can provide the Coupon Code to the customer to let them redeem the discount when scheduling online. No other options exist at the moment for applying discounts to appointments created through the Customer View.
  9. Comment #1 (Posted by claire)
    I would like to change the amount of a payment to give a customer a discount after I have entered and finalized. How do I? Thanks

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