Install a Knowledge Base search option in your browser

search_plugin.jpgIn the top right corner of your browser is an option to search various search engine websites. You can now add an Appointment-Plus Knowledgebase search to your browser by installing the APKB search plugin.

Firefox Installation:

1. Download the attached apkb.xml to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins
2. Restart Firefox

Internet Explorer Installation:

1. Open the URL in IE
2. In the "Create Your Own" box enter the following URL for step 3:

3. Name the search plugin in Step 4
4. Press the Install Button

You will now be able to search the Knowledgebase from your browser search bar.


If you are not logged into your KB account while using the search plugin, you will only be able to see public articles.

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19th of April, 2012

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