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How to Use Room Sharing
Room sharing allows you to assign appointments to rooms, in addition to staff members. Although the room sharing feature can be used in many different scenarios, it works especially well in situations in which there are fewer rooms than staff members.

Room sharing is enabled via the Rooms section of Preferences. Once it is enabled, you have to set up at least one room. If you don't set up at least one room, no appointments can be made. This is because, by definition, if you are using room sharing, every appointment has to be assigned to a room.

Room sharing does not work with the multiple appointments per time slot version of the system.

Adding Rooms
To add a room:
  1. Click on the Rooms tab at the top of your Site Administration page
  2. On the left side, click on the Add New Room link.
    • If you plan on using this room immediately, set it to be active
    • If you do not want it to be used yet, set it to inactive
  3. Give the room a name. Customers will never see these names, it is for your staff to see only
  4. Enter the hours that the room will be available
  5. Then select the services that will be provided in this room and the days of the week that they will be available in this room
  6. Lastly, the days off section allows you to close off this room completely on certain days by checking them off on the calendars

Assigning Staff Members to Rooms
  1. Click on the Staff Members tab at the top of Site Administration
  2. Click on the name of a staff member that needs to be assigned to a room or rooms
  3. On the left side of the page, click on the Rooms link


    All of your rooms will be listed here with check boxes next to them.
  4. Check the rooms that this staff member is assigned to
Room Preferences
In addition to the Rooms tab at the top of your site administration page, your rooms setup and customer view is affected by the rooms preferences. Roomss preferences can be accessed from Site Administration by clicking on the Settings tab and then clicking on the Rooms link on the left side under Preferences. Please carefully review these preferences for your system application.

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Visitor Comments

  1. Comment #10 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Al Appointment restrictions for customers are available when subscribing at the Platinum level. More information is available on our pricing page here: We currently offer the following customer appointment restrictions: Max Appointments (period), Max active (future) Appointments, Max Appointments per day, Max Appointments per time slot (per day).
  2. Comment #9 (Posted by Al Vince)
    I have rooms set up on my account, and I noticed that when scheduling an appointment with my staff, it won't let me book the same staff member in two different rooms at the same time... makes since as that is how it should work to prevent double booking the staff. But the same doesn't seem to be true with customers. I can book the same customer in two different rooms at the same time slot. Is there a way to prevent double booking a customer?
  3. Comment #8 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Rhiannon Yes, you can find more details on how to enable the Room Sharing feature in following article:
  4. Comment #7 (Posted by Rhiannon)
    I don't have a rooms tab. Do I need to somehow activate that feature?
  5. Comment #6 (Posted by Mike - KB Staff)
    Jamie - If you need unique email notifications for each venue, you would need to add additional locations for each venue. That way they could have unique email notifications. The default on your account is "Week" view on your "Reservation" grid. If you want to show all schedules at once, you would need to change it to "Day". You can do this with "Reservation" preference #25.
  6. Comment #5 (Posted by Jamie Debrunner)
    That would have worked, but the challenge is we have different rental agreements for each venue and our email notification are limited. Hmmmm! I have another questions though. When on the res tab, looking at "All Rooms", some res don't show. If I click on the drop box and then click on Cliff House, all res appear. Why doesn't "All Rooms" show all Cliff House bookings? Thank you so much for your help!
  7. Comment #4 (Posted by Mike - KB Staff)
    Jamie - I was able to locate your account and review your setup. You are currently using Staff Members as "Rooms", this will work for your other venues. Just add additional "Rooms" for the other venues.
  8. Comment #3 (Posted by Jamie Debrunner)
    Do you have remote access to our system? Wanting to see if I'm using Appointment Plus the best way. We have 4 venues on Maui that we rent out for events. We currently have one set-up, Cliff House, and I want to add the others. Not sure if I should use "rooms" or other another feature. Thank you, Jamie
  9. Comment #2 (Posted by Mike - KB Staff)
    Jamie - When you add the "Rooms" feature, that would mean that a room is required for every appt. If you aren't using rooms now, I don't think you would need rooms. If this is just another resource to schedule appointments, then you should add another staff member schedule for it. Depending on your terminology and setup, you may need another location.
  10. Comment #1 (Posted by Jamie Debrunner)
    We have private event facilities. Would I use "rooms" tab to add these other venues to book reservations? Or is there a better way?

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