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    Packages Overview
    PRICING TIER: Silver or Higher APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple Packages let customers pay in advance for offerings that will be deducted over a period of time. Examples of packages include: Volume Discounts, Prepaid Services, and Memberships. The Packages feature can be enabled ...
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    Can a customer purchase a package from the customer view?
    PRICING TIER: Silver & Gold APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple Yes. You must first enter your gateway information inthe packages section of your customer payments preferences. You can then enable packages in the customer view by doing the following: CLICK: Settings > Package ...
  3. question
    How do I disallow a customer from making appointments if their package is fully used?
    PRICING TIER: Silver & Gold APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple CLICK: Settings > Packages > Set preference 4 to yes. TIP: You can also disallow an appointment from being made in Site Administration if the package selected for the customer is fully used. This is controlled ...
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    Can I assign a package to a customer retroactively?
    PRICING TIER: All APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple Yes, you can add a package retroactively. You can accomplish this in two different ways: Adjust Package Details When assigning the package to a customer, adjust the Number of Sessions accordingly. The default will be the numbe ...
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    How to set the Statuses that Count as a "Used" Session in a Package
    PRICING TIER: Silver & Higher APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple When using the packages feature it's essential to designate which Appointment (sessions, reservations) Statuses count as a used session. This can be done when creating a package initially or after the fact from wi ...