How to use the Knowledge Base

The Appointment-Plus Knowledge Base, also referred to as the 'KB', is a comprehensive collection of videos, news pieces, and informative articles.  The KB will allow you to search by key terms or browse by categories to find answers to your questions.  Please take the time to read through the following article completely so you can learn how to find answers to your questions quick and easily.


While searching the KB, you will need to use the default terms within Appointment-Plus when you started your account. You can find the terms in your account by going to the Settings Tab > Terms. You may have changed these or they were changed based on the business type you have chosen. The default terms are as follows:
Singular Form
Staff Member
Add-On Service
Sales Rep
Plural Form
Staff Members
Add-On Services
Sales Reps

Navigating the KB

kb-screenshot_legend.jpgThe KB consists of 7 areas:
  • Search the KB
    Searching the KB is as easy as using search engines like Google and Yahoo.  Enter a key search term and the KB will do a full text search and scan for the full and partial string of words you have entered.

  • Browse by Category
    Quickly jump to a specific category or sub-category to view the related articles.  You can browse by a drop down or the displayed category names.

  • Featured Articles
    Specific articles will be selected to be listed here based on their importance.  5 articles at a time will be featured.

  • News
    Appointment-Plus is continually in the news and linked to various blogs and magazine articles.  The last 5 news articles featuring Appointment-Plus will be listed here.

  • Most Popluar Articles
    The 5 most popular articles based on the number of views will be displayed.

  • Recent Entries
    The last 5 articles created or updated in the KB will be listed here.

Article Content

While reading articles you will come across meaningful icons and colored highlighted areas.  Below is a list of these items you will need to be aware of and how to act on them.
  • Legend


    • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple

    At the top of each article will be a legend to identify which tier the feature within the article relates to and which version of Appointment-Plus you will need to utilize the feature mentioned.  If you aren't certain which version of Appointment-Plus you are using, the "Single" version relates to the default single appointment per time slot, while the "Multiple" refers to multiple appointments per time slot (MAPTS).
  • Video


    Setup Tutorial
    Some articles will have a related video attached to it. Click on the link within the designated area to start it.
  • Document


    Getting Started Guide
    Periodically we will attach a PDF/Word Document to an article you can use to e-mail to your associates or to print out and distribute.  These are usually associated with new or complex features.
  • Click-Through Process (AKA - Breadcrumbs)

    CLICK Settings Tab > Appointments > Preference #1
    When you see the above icon, you will quickly be able to click through and find the preference or page that relates to your question. In this example, you would click on the "Settings Tab" at the top of your page within your Appointment-Plus account, then select "Appointments", and then locate "Preference #1". Using this icon and organization makes it easy to spot and follow the steps.
  • Tip


    A tip related to the previous text within an article will be displayed with this icon and highlighted.
  • Note


    When important information related to the article needs to stand out, it will be displayed with this icon and highlight.
  • Warning


    Critical pieces of information related to the article will be outlined with this icon and highlight.
  • Example

    Examples within an article will be outlined like this.
  • Code

    In our technical articles, bits of code snippets will be displayed in this setting.

Related Articles

At the end of each article will be a section for "Related Articles". This is where articles related to the one you are reading will be displayed for reference. Try this feature out now and click on the "How to use the Knowledge Base - Part 2" link below.

Related Articles


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Visitor Comments

  1. Comment #18 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Patti - If you are seeing yellow or grey time slots in your schedules, it is most likely because the "Max Appts" setting for the time slot is set to 0, or a reserved time is making it unavailable.
  2. Comment #17 (Posted by Patti)
    I'm having a hard time finding information on why there are blocked times on my appointment grid. The slot is yellow and it won't let me schedule anything during that time period, nor does it do anything when I click on it. Help please!
  3. Comment #16 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Brenda - Please let our support department know about this issue by submitting a support ticket within the Help section of your account. Please identify what doctor was lost within the ticket.
  4. Comment #15 (Posted by dungannon chiropractic clinic)
    We have lost a recently new doctor added and our carry duff chiropractic clinic details. We are unable to enter any info on appointment plus. Can you please give this your urgent attention please? Brenda loughran
  5. Comment #14 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Ashley - There is a setting available to restrict the number of appointments customers can schedule when subscribing at the Gold level or higher. Please contact our support department if you need help setting this up in your account.
  6. Comment #13 (Posted by Ashley)
    How do I limit the number of appointments that a participant can make? For example, we are scheduling appointments for health screenings and only have so many time slots available. We would like to keep screening participants from scheduling more than one appointment each. Is this possible?
  7. Comment #12 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Judi - Yes, you can learn more about how to modify the email notifications within the following article:
  8. Comment #11 (Posted by Judi - Urban)
    Is there any way of changing the email sender name "root" to a less vulgar name as clients are not receiving emails as they are going in as junk mail? Our business is Remedial Massage so you may be able to see the problem here. Thanks
  9. Comment #10 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Judy – The “Document” section in the body of this article is only showing an example of what linked documents will look like. You can access the Getting Started Guide through the following URL:
  10. Comment #9 (Posted by judy mathias)
    the second PDF document- getting started guide does not link me to the getting started guide
  11. Comment #8 (Posted by Shawn - KB Staff)
    Bobbie – Please submit a Support Ticket within the “Help” section at the top right corner of your account. Our Support Team can assist you with this issue.
  12. Comment #7 (Posted by Bobbie Jacobs)
    The new APP version will not let me access my calendar with my current username and password.
  13. Comment #6 (Posted by Mike - KB Staff)
    Brandy - The reporting system has not changed with the new interface. For appointments you would access the Appointment Report. If you need POS transactions, you would need to do a screen print prom the Edit Transactions section, or the Purchase History link within their profile.
  14. Comment #5 (Posted by Dr. Brandy Grantham)
    We have patients coming in that want a printout of their purchases for the year can you please tell us how we can do this on the new version? Thank you
  15. Comment #4 (Posted by Mike - KB Staff)
    Bill - One of our support representatives will get in touch with you to assist you.
  16. Comment #3 (Posted by Bill Lynch)
    I am trying to add customers to the new version of the schedule, but am not having much success. Can someone assist?
  17. Comment #2 (Posted by Mike - KB Staff)
    Colleen - Currently we hold 2 weeks worth of backups for each account. If you would like to run periodic backups, you can run a full Appointment and Customer report from the Reports section. You will be able to export data into excel for storage purposes.
  18. Comment #1 (Posted by Colleen Zanarini)
    Is there a way to back up the appointment plus file for our office?

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29th of August, 2013

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